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Story #22: Support Great Leadership

There is great leadership around us. Regarding glyphosate, listen to Don Huber on The Solari Report Food Series—a courageous man who is taking extraordinary risks to “out” what is happening—and check out the work by Drs. Allen Williams and Zach Bush to promote glyphosate-free regenerative farming. On the vaccine front, Alan Phillips, the persecuted vaccine exemptions attorney, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his organization deserve our support. There are many people doing extraordinary things, but they are not getting the support and attention that they should. Pick the hero who you really love and go to the independent media platforms that you listen to and ask them, “Why aren’t you interviewing this guy?” Don’t be afraid to donate what you can—every little bit helps. A dollar is a prayer. It counts.

Story #23: Great Actions


We are redoubling our efforts to own the culture. Although the path will be different for everyone, try reading core books such as Plato and Aristotle; read as much history as you can; learn about some of the major economists and economic theories; read the law. Pick what you are passionate about, but be prepared to cross over disciplines. Start thinking in terms of connections and building the frameworks that you need.

The Solari Report has a hero every week as well as every year. For 2019, we’ve already named Leonardo da Vinci the Hero of the Year.

1st Quarter Solari Heroes:

  • April 04: Nina Heyn
  • March 21: Jo van Gogh-Bonger
  • March 14: Peggy Noonan
  • March 7: Marie McDonnell and Dr. Laura Thompson>
  • February 21: The Missing Money A-Team
  • February 14: The Saker
  • February 7: David Talbot
  • January 24: Greg Hunter
  • January 17: Leonardo da Vinci
  • January 10: Christian Bale; Runner-up: Tucker Carlson and his brilliant rant about families and the economy

Food for the Soul Series:


Question #1: What is happening to the cathedrals of France and why?

The burning down and vandalization of churches and cathedrals in France is like the bombing of churches in Syria and black churches in the U.S. South. It seems to be part of a program to decouple Western civilization from its core. Some of the desecrations are beyond the pale—not only an op, but full-on demonic. The people behind these acts don’t want any divine mandate and intend to rule by force without any principles. It’s time for each of us to pick a side: divine or demonic.

Question #2: Do Assange and Wikileaks have a dead man’s switch?

A dead man’s switch is a safety feature that turns a machine off if the machine’s operator experiences a problem or dies. Julian Assange’s arrest raises questions about whether Wikileaks has a dead man’s switch. Could the Wikileaks document dump that occurred right after Assange’s arrest be the first stage of a dead man’s switch? Assange’s attackers will have to tread carefully. We continue to support Wikileaks.

Question #3: Will we go to war in Iran?

New York’s vaccine assault, the Assange arrest, the Notre Dame fire, the failed attempts to shut down Venezuela’s, Syria’s, and Iran’s ability to sell oil, and the push for war with Iran—these are starting to look like signs of desperation. The Bush team used to exemplify a certain “professionalism”—clever, effective stealth action carried out by people who knew how to be discreet and kill without there being death lists on the Internet. Now, even though the Bushies are back in power, it feels like we’re watching frustrated Keystone Cops.

Question #4: Where did Mr. Global invest the $21 trillion (and the $24+ trillion)?

The parallel (or breakaway) civilization is big—with extraordinary investments underground, in space, and going toward China and the Silk Road. But running the planet with this type of secrecy is killing the environment and our culture. It is not overdramatization to say that our civilization hangs in the balance.

Question #5: Who is Mr. Global and what is the governance structure on Planet Earth?

The burning of Notre Dame sent an unmistakable signal that Mr. Global thinks he can run the planet by force. On the same day as the Notre Dame fire, there was a fire at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque—a holy site sacred to Muslims and even older than Notre Dame. The gambit may have backfired, however, because the burning shocked and awakened Europeans in a way that 9/11 did not. People are coming to realize that we are in a culture war and that Mr. Global has no interest in preserving any of it.

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