Part 1: Top News Videos

Part 1: Top News Videos
Part 1: Top News Videos
Food for the Soul with Nina Heyn from Solari | 28 March 2019

Pretty much the weakest argument against conspiracy theories ever

Truthstream Media | 11 April 2019

Dr. Mark Skidmore: Deep State cover-up of missing $21 trillion deeply disturbing

Greg Hunter | 19 January 2019

Catherine Austin Fitts: Federal government running secret open bailout

Greg Hunter | 12 January 2019

Catherine Austin Fitts: World choking on debt

Greg Hunter | 02 March 2019

Mike Camoin | April 2019

Bono: Public and private funds need to fight poverty—Davos 2019

CNBC Television | 24 January 2019

Beyond censorship: Destroying free thought online

Truthstream Media | 29 March 2019

Russiagate in 3 minutes

Corbett Report | 29 March 2019

Israeli Minister: “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

91177info | 04 July 2010

Farage: “Do you really want me back in this place? Reject the extension and let’s get on with Brexit!”

EFDD Group | 27 March 2019

Trump signs declaration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights

RT | 25 March 2019

Antisemitism bill passing and what it means

The Israeli News Project | 08 March 2019

Russian comedians Vovan and Lexus prank U.S. Special Rep for Venezuela

Sputnik | 07 March 2019

Wilkerson and Jay: The “permanent war state” aims to plunder Venezuela

The Real News Network | 26 February 2019

Norman Finkelstein: Israel is a rogue state

Seann Pauruni | 13 February 2019

Zakharova: We’re not out of the woods yet, U.S. might still invade Venezuela if coup fails

Vesti News | 01 February 2019

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