Part II: Trends We Track


I. A Commitment to Transparency

A. Food for the soul

II. Mind Control and Sovereignty

III. Morphogenic Fields and Change

IV. Divide and Conquer and the Weaponization of People

V. Embracing Complexity and Uncertainty

VI. Artists, Scholars, and Others Leading Cultural Revival

VII. Additional Risk Issues

A. Transhumanism
B. The Asian Invasion
C. Free Speech and Due Process
D. The Cost of Secrecy


I. AI and Quantum Computing

A. The Cloud Rush
B. Quantum Navigation

II. Cybersecurity

A. Blockchain
B. Internet of Things
C. Net Neutrality
D. Data Laws and Regulation

III. Health Freedom

A. Food and Water
B. Vaccines
C. 5G and EMF Radiation
D. Quantum Biology, Sunshine, and Oxygen
E. Nanoparticles and Smart Dust

IV. Robots and Robotics

V. Biotech, Genetics, and Superhumans

VI. Environmental Applications

VII. Advanced and Invisible Weaponry

    A. Disaster Capitalism
    B. Autonomous Weapons

VIII. CERN and Particle Accelerators

IX. Space

A. Space-Based Economy
B. China, Russia, and U.S. Space Deals
C. Creation of Space Corp in U.S.
D. Impact of Increased U.S. Appropriations
E. Asian Space Race

X. The Future of Energy

A. Drop in Renewable Prices
B. Drop in Oil Prices
C. Fusion


I. Take Action, Begin Anywhere, Change Yourself

II. Local Finance: Local Currencies, Local Venture Capital, Local Traded Equities, and Crowdfunding


I. The Governance Mystery

  • Who Is Mr. Global?
  • Where Are the $21 Trillion (and Financial Coup Proceeds)?
  • What Is FASAB 56 Permitting: Private Armies?
  • What Are Mr. Global’s Goals?

II. 9/11, Fires, Weather Warfare, False Flags, and Disaster Capitalism

III. Antarctica

IV. Interdimensionality and Time Travel

V. The Doubling of the Knowledge Curve

VI. Geophysical Risks


  • Leonardo da Vinci 500th Anniversary
  • Rembrandt: 350 Anniversary
  • Hang with Solari—Stavoren 2019
  • Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Digital Pipe Organ Crowdfund
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